sethb (sethb) wrote,

Northworst annoyance

I have a 7:20 AM flight to Boston for Readercon. NW emails me at 4:20, saying it's on time. I get to the airport at 6:20, and the gate says it's delayed until 8. The arriving plane is now predicted to arrive at 7:21, from Alaska.

Sure, they can turn it around in 40 minutes.

Sure, they didn't know 2 hours ago that the arriving plane was going to be late so they could have let me spend a bit more time at home.

I'm signed up for txt message notification about flights; I haven't heard about this one yet, an hour and a half in advance. They're supposed to be sent 3 hours in advance. I wonder if it will claim the flight is still on time when they get around to sending it.

Added: At 7:55, they still showed an 8:00 departure, despite the fact that they hadn't started boarding yet.
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