sethb (sethb) wrote,

Stuck at LGA overnight

I was supposed to be on the NW 6 PM flight; it got canceled, and they rebooked me on the 8:35. (Nice of them to tell me; I got a phone message after 5 PM, when I'd already learned from calling them.)

While I was sitting in the WorldClub, the 8:35 got canceled, and the best they could guarantee me was the 11:35 tomorrow.

NW claimed the problem was due to weather/air traffic control, hence they wouldn't help me with a hotel room.

Fortunately, Priceline would, so I'm paying only a slightly extortionate rate (around $50 less than the hotel asked directly when I called).

They keep canceling flights, so I'm almost as glad that they couldn't rebook me to get me out tonight via many connections (I'd have taken that for the better chance of getting home tonight and the extra miles).

So now to the hotel and bed, so I can get back to LGA around 5 AM and hope enough people don't get there that they'll let me on the 6 AM flight.

But at least seeing my parents for their anniversary (last Friday) was worth the trip.
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