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McCain's Honesty Revealed - sethb [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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McCain's Honesty Revealed [Jun. 11th, 2008|08:38 am]

McCain's store used to allow user reviews. They're gone now, but some were preserved.

Looking at the source on McCain's store site, we see how much his campaign cares about minor things like honesty and other people's copyrights.

<div id="footer_bottom" style="visibility:hidden">
Customer has agreed per Volusion’s Terms of Service
to maintain a text hyperlink to "http://www.volusion.com" in the
footer of the website. The link must be standard html, contain no
javascript, and be approved by Volusion. Removing this link breaches
the Volusion agreement.
<p>Shopping Cart Powered by <a href="http://www.volusion.com"
title="Shopping Cart Software" target="_blank">Volusion</a>.</p>


For those who don't speak html, he's hiding the required visible link.

[User Picture]From: writerspleasure
2008-06-11 05:43 pm (UTC)
zomg! he did it himself!
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